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By: SNuD

The spring of your Jumping Stilts needs to be protected as much as possible and this simple modification can help lenghten the life of your spring. This mod uses inner tubes to add a protective layer & towards the bottom of the tutorial is some pictures of bockers using additional tape to make their mod more unique.

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2 bicycle inner tubes - (Mountain bike 26” x 2” are very good - Old ones with punctures are fine)
A pair of scissors.
Roll of duck tape or similar.


1. Find the valve and cut through the tube about 2cm either side of the valve.

Inner Bike Tube

2. Look for an inner seem line that runs near or through the valve.

Inner Bike Tube

3. Using this seem as a guide, cut length wise along the tube

Inner Bike Tube

4. You will end up with a long strip of rubber.
It’s a good idea to clean it at this stage, trying to get as much of the chalk off it as you can. Soapy water or a cloth soaked in Mentholated spirits works quite well.

Inner Bike Tube

5. For a neat start, measure just over half way across (a) and mark the end of the rubber.
Now multiply that by 1.5 and put another mark along the edge (b).
Cut a straight line between them cutting off the red triangle.
Cut off the yellow area from the centre line (c).

Inner Bike Tube

6. Add a short piece of duck tape to the outside of the tube where the yellow bit was!

Inner Bike Tube

7. Stick the end of the rubber behind the top of the spring with the tape coming around the front.
Keep the red cut edge horizontal.
Always start at the top as the edges of the wraps will then be protected from most impacts.

Inner Bike Tube

8. Keeping the rubber tight wind around, spiralling down the spring aligning the top (red T) with the centre of the layer beneath (yellow C). Thus you get 2 layers of rubber all the way down.

Inner Bike Tube

9. At the bottom, cut the rubber off horizontally.

Inner Bike Tube

10. Secure the bottom with 2 to 3 wraps of duck tape - And thats it you're done!

Below are some images of Bockers who were a bit creative with their tape modifications. After the above steps or insted of them, some people also wrap their springs with 3 - 5 layers of additional coloured duct or electrical tape


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1) Re: Spring Protection > Tape
Written by Springy on May 22, 2011, 08:00:26 PM
i have pro jump exos will the bike inner tube be long enought for them???
  2) Re: Spring Protection > Tape
Written by PERES on October 23, 2013, 04:35:26 AM
I have a question: won't these inner tube make the spring's flexibility a little bit hard for jumping or tricks?