Author Topic: Pro-Jump sponsorship deals + Latest team new (Ian & Timmo Pro-Jump 101)  (Read 5021 times)

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Pro-Jump sponsorship deals + Latest team new (Ian & Timmo Pro-Jump 101)

Pro-Jump would like to support all up and coming talent that can help promote the Pro-Jumping / Powerbocking sport to the general public. We want to help make this sport more recognised and popular throughout the country.

We are looking for people that are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about the sport and are willing to help us promote  powerbocking and Pro-Jump in general. As many of you are aware Pro-Jump have other sister companies and we already sponsor people in the motocross sector so we have widened our scheme to help new Powerbockers too.

Pro-Jump have helped establish the Pro-Jump display team (aka B-Bounce team) on their road to success and we will continue to support them and sponsor as many new clubs / teams in the future too. Sponsorship from Pro-Jump will bring many benefits and our teams will be the first to try out the latest products etc. If anyone is interested in a sponsorship deal please contact us for details. 

Our latest recruits are Timmo and Ian, who will be forming a team in the south to help us promote Pro-Jump and powerbocking. Their display team is called "Pro-Jump 101" and as many of you have seen already they are extremely talented, so we hope you will help them get even better and make them part of this community.

the guys in action

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Gonna say thanx for this opportunity and I will do my best to help promote pro-jumping.

To the north team (b-bounce) it would be great if we could meet up some day to bock as a whole team.

Some of you guys already know me and seen me bend my knee side ways in our first video on the site. (Won’t do that again any time soon) Wanna say hello to you all and hope to get support from you as well

Pro-jump 101

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Hi Guys,

Its Ian here, the Ian mentioned in the post. Just want to say hi to everyone  so you know who I am. Also if you guys are intersted here is my solo video with just some things that I can do. Hope you like it....



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u guys kick ass....i would like to help pro-jumping but i cant do fancy tricks....yet ;D
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