Author Topic: I'm thinking of getting some stilts, what weight should I go for?  (Read 21401 times)

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The Pro-Jump sizes go up in 10kg weights.

The child model is represented by the letter F infront of the number eg: F30
Whereas the adult model has the letter M in front of the number eg: M60

The number after the letter represents the upper weight therefore the model "M60" means it is suitable for a user no heavier than 60kg.

As a general rule we recommend going for a model at least 10kg higher than your actual weight to get the best Pro-Jumping experiance.

Example: If you weigh 30kg then go for the 40kg model (M40), if you weigh 35kg it would be better to go for the 50kg model (M50) rather than the M40 which would only take you 5kg higher than your actual weight!

Child Sizes available:
30kg - 4.73 stones    (F30)
40kg - 6.30 stones    (F40)
50kg - 7.87 stones    (F50)
60kg - 9.44 stones    (F60)

Adult sizes available:
60kg - 9.44 Stones      (M60)
70kg - 11.02 Stones    (M70)
80kg - 12.59 Stones    (M80)
90kg - 14.17 Stones    (M90)
100kg - 15.74 Stones  (M100)
110kg - 17.32 Stones  (M110)

The chart above is more a guide for new bockers and their first pair of Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts.

As your skill develops and your technique gets better you will find that in order to get the best return / higher bounce you will require a size or two heavier than what you initially learnt on to get the best experiance.

If you would like to discuss anything mentioned in this post please use the following board to post your questions :

Thanks  :)
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