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Ok one of the biggest competition and event of the year is back.

Translations to english off the main site. (best I can)

Aubria 2012

Aubria 2012 - Internationale Jumpers Meet
Date 27 - 29 July, 2012
Aubria Location 2012 - the campus VSB-TU Ostrava

Koleje VŠB-TU Ostrava
Studentská 1770
700 32 Ostrava-Poruba

Due to the successful year 2011, we are continuing to organize international 'powerbocking' meetings/competitions. Year 2011 showed that prizes can be obtained even by novices and less trained jumpers, and thanks to the evaluation of athletic disciplines and fun contests. In this spirit we would like to continue into the year of 2012 Again. This year we will prepare competition which will be about tactics, technique, skill and also luck. :-), so everyone will have a chance to win.

The organizations that will be participate:  'Firemky Ltd' , '7th Move' , 'CAPB'

Hope to see you all for Aurbria 2012.



With accommodation:
The participation fee is 70 EUR

Without accommodation:
The participation fee is 50 EUR
Price includes:
gym in case of rain
discount for paintball
additional activities (trampoline,airtrack,mats, etc.)
commemorative T-shirt




for more information go to:
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