Author Topic: Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting  (Read 3636 times)

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Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:43:53 PM »
To all those who went you will already know the type of things im going to be writing here, and for those who didnt I hope this will inspire you to save some the small amount of money u need to come next year.

Aubria 07 was a brilliant first european meet organised by the czech "skakaciboty" (jumping boots) and 7meilenstiefl (7leagues) team, with so much to do considering how cheap it was, and this year they blew that away.

Just the amount of what was put into the 3 days was immense. First day was the nice initial welcome party which was great fun, good cheap drinks (pint of beer is under a £1 :D) and quite hilarious karaoke with all the nationalities joining in.

Then after a very short sleep (well for me atleast) we had a great morning gym session, with access to a trampoline and mats like last year, but also a gymnastics coach who uses bocks was great fun. Congratulations need to be said to most of the Range of Motion team from Germany who nearly all landed a new trick that morning, aswell to everyone else who seemed to just step up and have a great go at learning something new.

The afternoon was spent jumping around the city centre, with the red bull girls coming and giving us all free drinks. Where we got some awesome photos and videos of us all and of some car flips. We finished the day at a local lake where everyone could try some wakeboarding and water skiing, plus more chance to jump around and play volleyball/basketball if u wanted.

And that was just day one!

Day two was packed with a morning swim and the diving boards, and a afternoon at the ropes centre with more activities like trampolining, archery (with blow dart guns availabe :D) and Trikke. Oh and ofcourse you could sitll bock around if u wanted (with mats still). It was really well organised and people were able to extened their time to do what they wanted during the day. There was some awesome little sections on the rope course including climbing straight up the side of a 10metre high pole, trying to stand on top of what, once u were at the tope, became a very wobbly and very small area to stand on. turning around and then leaping a couple of metres to grab hold of a small pole straddling a giant drop. After these few days most people were so tired they went to bed early that night, especially as the big day was the next day, but some of us ended up still discovering that austrians drink way too much and dont take a no as an answer :D

Day three was competition day, with all the performances from the czech guys, myself and Radek another czech new guy and the main performance from the Range of Motion team. We had a whole outdoor swimming pool (that was about the size of a small lake) and fun park booked out for the event with lots and lots of media there to record the whole event. Wolfgang Stiksl himself was giving away pairs of stilts to the spectators in fun competitions, aswell as lots of other prizes from all the sponsers.

The performances went down really well, especially the Range Of Motion performance which had great cheers from the crowd, and set up nicely the excitment for the first proper bocking high jump competition, the M&MK jumping cup. It was great fun, and with some tight rules (No flips made it hard for some of us eh Flo ;)) it became a really close and exciting competition. Local czech lad, Radek, who had been practicing hard for it won by jumping clear over 1.90metres. In the process getting his hands on a new quality rucksack, t-shirts, socks a pair of s-rex's and ofcrouse the M&M jumping Cup trophy!

After this people were entertained by a few of us who decided we would brave the cool water and do some flips of the jetty into the pool with the bocks on. ExtremeFlo took the show with some crazy jumps and hilarious moves, and was greta ending to a great day... for the spectators that was as the party continued for the aubria participants.

That evening we had a grill party at the pool with a great little photo show of the whole week followed by another night at the cheap bar :D

It was an awesome event with so much packed in, considering it only costs 150euros and we had 3 nights in a decent hotel with breakfast included, that alone would cost more let alone all the thigns i mentioned we did that were all included. It is absolutely amazing how much we got into such a short time, and I really really wish i didnt have to come home along with many others. Great thanks to all the organisers from the firemky team (the main guys who organised it all) and all the sponsers who put in a lot of money, time and effort to put on exactly what bocking meets should be.

Next year will be just as great I have no doubt about that, and anyone who only plans on going to a meet or two this coming year, should most definately choose this one as their first choice.


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Re: Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 11:31:36 AM »
yeah i think ill try and get to next years over seas meets, that sounds like a great weekend, and the sort of meet i want to be at

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Re: Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2008, 12:54:48 PM »
yup, think i'll do it next year too
it caters for all tastes and sounds good...
eh dawe, you didnt mention gang bang...hmnnnn
oh well... beers cheap muhahahahaha

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Re: Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2008, 06:46:54 PM »
no pin, but i can say that czech women are absolutely stunning in general so its great just for that fact!

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Re: Aubria 08 review - another amazing meeting
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2008, 02:11:24 PM »
and slovak women too :P