Author Topic: What safety gear is needed and why?  (Read 26971 times)

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What safety gear is needed and why?
« on: September 15, 2007, 11:10:52 PM »
It is essential that safety gear is worn whilst Pro-Jumping.

We recommend the use of a helmet, Wrist guards, elbow pads and knee/shin pads to keep you safe. Some people also like to wear back protectors or something to  protect your tail bone.


Skate Helmets

Unfortunately we don't currently sell skate helmets but a quick GOOGLE SEARCH will give you loads of places where you can purchase a good quality helmet from. Make sure you shop around to get the best deal! Skate helmets are also designed to take multiple impacts so they will last you a fair while.

Snowboarding Helmets

Like Skate helmets,these provide excellent protection and can take plenty of impact.

D30 caps

These look cool and those that don't like skate helmets do recommend these however please note that although d3o technology offers much greater protection than a regular cap, they do not offer complete head protection nor comply with any standards established for protective headgear like helmets.

Read more about the technology here

Motorcycle Helmets / Bike Helmets
These are NOT recommended as they are only made to take one impact.


Contrary to popular belief wrist pads are not really designed to stop you getting grazes or cuts but more to protect you from breaking your wrist! Although wearing wristpads can not guarantee that you won’t hurt your wrist, it will help lower the impact and if you are lucky instead of a wrist breakage you may have a broken forearm instead which is a much lesser injury.

Wrist pads have a sturdy plastic on the palm section which take some impact of the fall. The best way to use wrist pads is when you fall to push out the force of the fall using the plastic so it sort of slides on the floor.

Pro-Jump now sell WRIST PADS at our store

This is what may happen if you do not use wristguards….


Knee & Elbow pads are essential safety products you should get. Not only will these help you keep your knees and elbows safe but will stop you getting grazes and cuts too and will take some of the impact if you should fall.

The PIT DIRT protection pad set is ideal to use when bocking, not only does it do the job but at £16.99 its a steal!

These knee pads work really well when used with the jumping stilts as they will also help fill the gap and make your legs feel a lot more secure. A lot of users also recommend tying the straps of the kneepads all the way round the stilts to get a more secure hold.

Pro-Jump sell some back protection armour that may come in handy whilst bocking or when you want to try some extreme bocking moves!

however if you just want a simple solution, check out Bills Powerbocking resource page where he gives a handy and very cheap method on protecting your tail bone!

Be safe & have fun  ;)