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Title: New to the sport and im already doing great
Post by: GingerJumper on December 29, 2011, 08:29:45 AM
Im gona start by saying him im Ginger jumper and im new to the sport of jumping stilts i got them a day ago and im already jumping and running i fell once already i was running way to fast down hill :/ but i have full sets of pads so i dusted myself off and hept going i have air trekkers extreme and i love them so hi and if anyone ha any hints / advice for me and if anyone has air trekkers extreme i would like to know wat u think of them and also they are a crazy work out i knew i woul make my leg musles stronger but my abs are sore and i do streatch for 15 or so min before i get on so again hi and sry for any misspellings im on my iphone also of anyone is in atlanta georga in the us let me know it would be cool to have a bocking friend right now im the only one close to me who has a paire and with a $350 price tag i think i will be like that for a while so ya just saying hi and stuff